Business Success Tips – How to Kill the Competition

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facebook - teamworkimage - 6-14-2013Oh boy oh boy.  There just appears to be more and more of them out there.  You know what I’m talking about .. more of those … your competition.  Those that are doing the same thing as you are. Those that offer similar services and from the looks of it, they are way more successful than you. What can you do?

Yes, it can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  You should embrace your completion and in doing so, you always come out on top.  Here are some ways to do just that.

How to kill the competition

  • Be the best.  I could almost stop right now as that’s the main thing.  By being the best and always offering exceptional service going over and above for your clients, you become the go to person in your industry.  Your clients will reward you with more work and definitely more referrals and most importantly when someone asks who can help with those tasks, you’re the name that first comes to mind.  The competition doesn’t stand a chance to get in on your territory.
  • Let others know that you are the best.  Being the best is one thing, but if only you and your cat know, it’s not going to help.  You need to get out there and market.  Think how you feel when you see a competitor showing up on your google alerts. Well instead of being jealous, you should be out there also marketing so you too show up there. Also, be active online.  Potential clients are out there on social media, watching what you do, so be sure to get recognized.
  • Develop your own style.  Sounds simple, but find what works for you and continue to do more of that.  Don’t change how you are doing things simply because it looks like that’s how THEY are doing it.  Be true to yourself and your skills and you’ll always come out on top.
  • Continue to grow. No matter how fabulous you are, it truly does help to continue to grow your skills and learn more.  Things are constantly changing and when you can stay on top of it, you win.
  • Work with your competition.  Say what????  Yes, you heard that right.  Build bonds with your competition. Often times you will discover that your competition truly isn’t your competition at all, but more of another business, offering similar services, who would love to connect. Work on building real relationships with them.  What you don’t want to do is go to them and say, “Hey I do the same thing.  Send me work!” YIKES.  Instead say, “Hey, I’m (insert name!).  I’ve heard a lot about you and it seems we offer similar services.  I’d love to know more about you and what we can do together.”

See how easy it is to kill your competition and hopefully these tips help. Love your thoughts as well. Post away!

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  1. says

    That is what I love about the VA community. I have never heard anyone say no I won’t help you because I’m afraid you will take clients from me. We are all so different and I believe that there are enough clients out there for everyone. Following your step 1 should be enough to keep me busy. Thanks.

  2. says

    Great tips! I totally agree! Step 1 is the best but so is the last one! I’ve made so many connections with other virtual assistants – what an awesome community!

  3. Diana Ennen says

    Thanks! I totally agree 100%. Virtual assistants just rock and the majority of them welcome the opportunity to connect and work together. They just love seeing everyone succeed. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. So appreciate it! Diana Ennen

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