Book Marketing Tips – How You Can Sell More Books With These Tips

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Book Marketing Tips

Book Marketing Tips

We get it.  You wrote this fabulously awesome book and as soon as the masses hear about it, you will be rich and famous and can sit back and lead the life you so richly deserve.  Your book is just that good!

I wish I had a nickel for every time a new author contacted me and said, “The book sells itself.  I just need you to get the word out a little.”  I so wish it was that easy and I would love for that to be the case, especially for those that put their heart and soul into their books.  And honestly there are times that a book is that good.  It’s just unfortunately without the right marketing plan and proper launch, they will never get the respect and sales they deserve.  That’s why you need to go into your book marketing with the same gusto you did when you wrote your book.  Who’s ready?

So with that in mind, here are a few book marketing tips you need to know:

  • Book marketing starts well before you finish writing the book.  As the author, you are the closest to the content.  Jot down who your target audience is and where you think they hang out.   Yes, write down thoughts while you are writing it.
  • Also write down marketing ideas. It can be as simple as I would love to do a blog tour and then jot down places you frequent or know would be a good fit.
  • Write down places you would like to be featured on. Realize that the first interview can’t be Oprah, so start small.  But it does help to write down who would be interested in your topic.  You can then present these to whoever is helping with your marketing or just use these ideas yourself as well.
  • Before you launch – get everything in place.  That includes:  Your marketing plan, your media kit, press releases, pitches, articles, web copy, newsletter, autoresponder series, and so forth. I know that can seem overwhelming, but it’s not as hard as it seems.  And remember those first few months may take more time but once they are done you just continue to perfect it.
  • Social media  – Establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but only do those that you will regularly keep up.
  • Get book reviews – One of the things that I do with clients once I start working with them it see where they are with book reviews on Amazon now.  Then as we continue on our PR campaign, how many more they have.  We also actively seek out reviews as well outside of Amazon, but this can be a good indicator that our marketing is working.
  • Develop databases to pitch to keeping in mind your specific target market including Radio, TV, Newspapers, blog sites, etc.  Professionally we use, but if you are doing it yourself check out  Also, when you read magazines, newspaper articles, listen to blog talk radio shows, start writing down who write those pieces or who to submit to in order to be a guest.  Create those excel files early and continue to add to them. (There’s gold in them there hills when you do!

Pick a basic theme for your marketing campaign and stick with it. Keep it informative enough to let them know what your book is about, and enticing enough to make your audience want to learn more.

Remember, you don’t need to do it alone.  There are lots of resources and help out there. And don’t get overwhelmed by it all.  We know that is easy to do.  Instead feel energized that you get to bring to life that book that you’ve worked so hard on.  You can and well get it the respect it deserves.  Now go do it!

Love to hear your book marketing tips or questions … post away!

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    Thanks, Diana! Great tips! I would love to know more about book marketing and I’ll be looking forward to your posts! :)

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